Sunday, 29 January 2012

Still Life, In Guache

Still lives.... in guache. It was a painting texture assignment: your composition needed metal, fabric, and glass. The first one took probably longer than 6 hours. The second image was a quick study. The only reason there is that much terrible drapery is because there was a size requirement and I didn't want to paint anymore. Now that I can see it in tiny scanned version, I really wish I'd added a lot more contrast to the drapery and table, because it's looking pretty flat, and there are some pretty blatant perspective issues. Oh well... next time. JUST KIDDING. I will never paint another still life again. They're useless. What am I going to do, hang this on my wall...? Nope. Not a chance. 


  1. still life pictures of alcohol?! This has my baby's room written all over it. -kristyna.

    ps.... sheesh, glad I remembered my old livejournal account or else I wouldn't have been able to post this fantastic comment!

  2. Bwhaha! You make me laugh. Remind me in the summer, and we will go Mountain Top Painting as planned!